Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Politics as Usual

Last weekend I made the trek back to Ann Arbor to see my family for Fathers Day. To make a long story short I partied too hard Saturday night with the hometown crew and ate too much on Sunday. I spent Friday evening, however, sitting in my living room listening to some distant family member and my father talk about how integration "hurt us"; basically forcing me to drink my cocktail a bit faster in attempt to get the hell out of the room.

Now, I can only assume that pops was simply trying to appease my drunk cousin Larry so that, you know, he'd finish his glass of cognac and pass out; but the conversation got me thinking: how many people feel this way?

I'll be the first to admit that the world isn't all palm trees and green leaves, but I'd like to think that we're headed in the right direction. In high school, I never once believed that we'd see a heavyweight (I mean this in the political sense) female presidential candidate, let alone a black one. For the first time in some while, I feel as if the media's seemingly receptive attitude towards Barak and Hillary, as well as the way that potential voters are polling, could be a sign that America's political landscape is slowly becoming more inclusive. If this is true, it must also mean that body politics throughout the country are slowly beginning to see the light as a whole.

And no, I'm not implying that surface civic diversity in the news can legitimately reflect whether or not an institution has completely succeeded. But I am saying that it is a definite reflection regarding the fact that integration is "working" in some capacity. Let's face it, less than ten years ago nobody gave a damn about Alan Keyes or Carol Moseley Braun (I wont even mention the reverends), now everyday white citizens have become positively flushed with hott, sticky passion for their favorite African American candidate since Bill Clinton.

*As an aside, I'd like to thank Jason Olsen for this update. In my mind, it had been long decided that I would not write in my blog until he gave the people what they want; no, until he gave the people what they need. And alas, he has:


Rodrigo said...

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Jason Olsen said...

Okay, all right, I think I'm going to settle in on the blog a bit more and really update mine. I need to be a better inspiration to America's youth, all that.

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