Monday, April 30, 2007

Kidz in the Hall

As promised, I will be writing sporadically, and I do mean that in the true sense of the word, like, before lunch, on a Monday, in the margin of an excel spreadsheet. In any event, I'm ranting today in defense of a recent hip hop album, School Was My Hustle by Kidz in the Hall.

The critics have really given these guys a hard way to go (rather unfairly I might add). Here's the skinny: the group has two members-- Naledge, the poignant lyricist and Double O, a gifted beat-maker. This new duo met in class at the University of Pennsylvania (yeah, I said it) and have been making good music ever since.

Expect an Ivy League meets Chi-town sound with a New York state of mind. Slightly cocky but very introspective, this album is everything you could hope for from a Freshman act. "Wheelz Fall Off," a mellow joint reminiscent of "93 Til Infinity" is the group's first real single and a notable song, period. Check it out here at

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Wana Blog Too!

So I doubt that this will be a “blog blog,” although I will write rather irregularly on this page about using my BA in Political Science to sling auto parts like colostomy bags, my affection for Charter Cable/On Demand, or distinct disdain for getting shit-canned by half the 2nd tier literary journals in the country. I may also choose to postulate borderline idiotic but plausible statements, for instance: the government invented aids, crack, and Cadillac as a war against the black community. Or that writers are better in bed than most humans; well, at least better at dirty talk (it only makes sense doesn’t it). And finally, I could, at any given time, say something serious, possibly worthwhile.

P.S. Yes, I am the brotha in the picture flexing his sometimes nihilistic attitude towards stereotypes with a piece of Chester’s Chicken wedged between his teeth.