Monday, May 7, 2007

Mayweather Puts on Boxing Clinic Against a Desperate De la Hoya

On May 5th, Saturday night, the best pound for pound fighter in the world and one of boxing's few living legends stepped in the ring to settle the score once and for all. The most highly anticipated fight since the first Tyson v. Holyfield, this match has undoubtedly left many De La Hoya fans sick with the sour taste of loss.

After a few conversations today at work, I was compelled to write this post and silence the De La Hoya groupies who were clearly wearing Stevie Wonder’s sunglasses during the fight. Real boxing fans know that Mayweather used his accurate jab, laser-like left, and ring-generalship to outclass Oscar. Compubox, as well as a set of contact lenses prove that Mayweather picked his shots and landed with enough accuracy to actually frustrate De la Hoya.

There were possibly two rounds that Oscar did enough to win on the scorecards; however, Mayweather’s topnotch defense rendered him extremely elusive and hard to find. Towards the end of the fight Oscar began to show signs of desperation, firing half-ass, non-effective flurries which mostly glanced off Floyd’s gloves.

Mayweather's precision won the fight, hands down: they don't call boxing the Sweet Science for nothing. And if you ask me, the judge who scored the fight in De la Hoya’s favor was probably looking for a gig with Golden Boy Productions.
In Other News...
Normally, I would never support this type of uber-ignorance but since it's in the name of Kalamazoo, whatever.

"Meet Me In The North"

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Royal said...

What can I say?
I'll admit that I was unable to watch the fight...but from what I heard, the best thing De la Hoya could do was flurry while Mayweather was on the ropes...throwing punches yes, but not scoring points. What people tend to forget that there is a way to score in boxing...and punching a guys arms and sides while he is blocking himself doesn't exactly get a win in a fight. If they fought again, my money would be on Mayweather again. Not based on the fact that he is a great fighter...but based simply on the fact that he is one of the most arrogant public figures in America, and I love it. Mayweather is cocky, very cocky but has backed up his words every single time and is still undefeated...nuff said.
One more thing:
Whats not to love about the absurd amount of ignorance comming out of Kalamazoo??? 25+ year old African American males using elementary lyrics gained from walking the halls of either Loy Norrix or Kalamazoo Central producing a video, let alone an album. I'm not here to knock anyones hustle cuz I'm not about that. But let's be real...were talking about Kalamazoo, MI. The name alone doesn't scream high crime and poverty. Neither of which should be embraced, I'm not saying you should be embarrased of where you came from (hell I'm a kzoo native... a real kzoo native) but there is nothing cool about high dropout rates, poverty, ignorance, and the displacement of problems.
I love my hometown, but don't try to pass it off as Compton, Detroit, Flint, or Chicago.

Marcus said...

Preach Sean, preach.

Renee said...

but oscar de la hoya is so much nicer and he has a better story behind him aside from that the other guy was from GR. he was mean and i dont like it! but that video is amazing!!!

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